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My appetite is gone. Been gone for about 2/3 weeks now. I feel hunger (sometimes not even that), but I don't feel like eating most of the time. the only thing I still manage to eat are things that I really really like (mostly unhealthy things), like potatoes and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Been making some more skirts, but the joy has gone out of it(still beats my office jobs a thousand times over though) cause I can't seem to stop think doomscenarios about just about everything. Can't I just switch off the negative thoughts? they're really beginning to get to me.
If only the sun'd come out, a little sunshine would turn everything around I think. When you walk outside in the sunshine and you smell the earth and hear the birds it always seems like everything's going te be allright. But alas, it's very overcast and cloudy right now, not even a hint of sun.
Maybe I'll go get some fries.


Keep the faith Gwen :)
Het komt wel goed!
thanks:o) Het gaat nu wel weer beter, werk leidt een beetje af.. lege weekends alleen zijn niet goed voor me geloof ik;o)