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May. 26th, 2010


great scot!

great scot skirt
Originally uploaded by gwensnowdon
another piccie. the styling went different than I had in mind, but I'm glad it did. Guess it's a sorta post-apocalytic tribal theme...or something...

May. 11th, 2010


my label!

Originally uploaded by gwensnowdon
After finally deciding on a name (Ghost of a Gipsy) and having one of my hippie skirts featured in an awesome photoshoot for Hats 'n Dreads(which I got an unexpected kick out of) my own label is finally taking off. Or should I say: I'm finally taking essential steps like registering for an etsy store, doing more photoshoots, and registering a domain name. More to follow soon, but in the meanwhile you can buy Ghost of a Gipsy designs at Keltfest at the Hats 'n Dreads stall.

(I'll elaborate more on GOAG and what it's about in a later post)

Apr. 28th, 2010


Happy birthday to ya honey

It's Daniel's birthday today! The big three-oh at last! Aside from both of us reaching that epic milestone marker this year a lot of our friends are turning 30 as well, thank god, so it's not like we have to face it alone. Erik already had a small 'funeral party' a week ago.
Not sure how I feel about it. No, wait, that's not true, I'm damn sure I don't like it very much. Especially since I'm really noticing time's passing lately. I've got more than 3 gray hairs and gravity is starting to get the better of my physicality. Guess it's time to start *horror* excersizing cause I don't plan on becoming a saggy old tart before my time. 
Then again, skin wise I'm pretty ok. My sister came over yesterday (a longtime smoker and sunbed user), and she has more wrinkles than me, even though she's thre years younger. I don't mean this in a nasty way, it's just an observation. My sister is a very pretty girl. 

Anyway, back to Daniel's big day. I give him a card which had a ridiculous dog wearing pink sunglasses on it. One of those fancy dogs that are really ugly and half bald. The sunglasses were heart shaped. Inside I had written that I had wanted to buy him new ray ban sunglasses (aviators, his trademark) since he lost his last pair shortly after he bought them in America and the pair before that got stolen out of his breast pocket while ha had fallen asleep on the train. I was hesitant to do so however, because I had no clue which type he wanted, and there's quite a lot of aviators let me tell you! Some with a bar across the top, and all sorts of different colours. The only thing I knew was that he liked the model they call 'shooter', which has a small circle in the middle. Sadly these were sold out. They were so sold out even, that it wasn't even possible to order a pair. Now that's sold out. 
So I deciced to let Daniel pick a pair and I'll pick up the tab. 

It still felt a little empty handed, so I bought a little something as a gag gift to go with the card. A little brown swine on a keychain. The swine is smiling. It's perfect. We frequently call each other 'swine' and 'piggy'. In an affectionate way of course! Think I'll get a piggy keychain for myself to match, because the swine has a girlfriend who is a pig. They're called 'Roosje & Truffel'  and I didn't know of their existence until I walked into the Bruna yesterday, scoring lots of lucky Miffies in the process. I gave two to my neighbour girls (the one who actually say something back when spoken to, the darlings) and one to my sister. What a marvel those Lucky Miffies are. They're like veritable fortune cookies, because each and every one of them comes with a little piece of paper that has something written on it. I quote: "number 8. Wish Miffy. All Your Wishes Will Come True!" 

So finally there will be world peace, the earth will be saved, the dodo will be brought back from extinction and Ronan Keating's song will never receive any airplay again.

Oh happy day!

Apr. 2nd, 2010


Return of the Werewolf and adieu to the cat

It’s nearly weekend, and sunday morning my Werewolf is returning home from his vacation in California after three weeks! (seems more like three years) Bringing presents, but the only thing that matters to me right now is that he gets home safely in one piece *knock on wood* (cliché, but there you go).

Right now the ‘idiots’ (as he calls his group of friends) are camping in Carmel, the town that looks like Hobbiton, if Hobbiton was occupied by hippie surfer hobbits. Tomorrow they’re going whalewatching. I fear for my camera (water damage is a bitch).

 So I’ll have regained my boyfriend, but this also means I’m going to have to return his cat, Wolmops, to him, whom has been staying with me these past weeks. The first week was toughest, he spent nearly all of it under the bed. Second week went better, with the occasional relapse, but the third week, wow! Cat has filled out a bit (probably because I spoil him rotten) and is quite the life of the party now. Follows me around wherever I go, merrily mewing all the time. I’m going to miss him. All the more reason to seriously step up our quest for a place for the three of us..

Mar. 28th, 2010


(no subject)

My appetite is gone. Been gone for about 2/3 weeks now. I feel hunger (sometimes not even that), but I don't feel like eating most of the time. the only thing I still manage to eat are things that I really really like (mostly unhealthy things), like potatoes and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Been making some more skirts, but the joy has gone out of it(still beats my office jobs a thousand times over though) cause I can't seem to stop think doomscenarios about just about everything. Can't I just switch off the negative thoughts? they're really beginning to get to me.
If only the sun'd come out, a little sunshine would turn everything around I think. When you walk outside in the sunshine and you smell the earth and hear the birds it always seems like everything's going te be allright. But alas, it's very overcast and cloudy right now, not even a hint of sun.
Maybe I'll go get some fries.

Feb. 8th, 2010


if the shoe fits...

Originally uploaded by gwensnowdon
...wel no, they don't fit. Not on my feet anyway, but that's okay since I didn't make them for me. I discovered that upstyling/altering/whateva shoes is as much fun anyone can have on their own.

Jan. 20th, 2010


my mom in a skirt that used to be a pair of trousers

Originally uploaded by gwensnowdon
A picture of the one of the skirst I've been working on (upcycled, restyled, altered or however-you-want-to-call-it, pants. I wuv them!)

My mom came by a week and a half ago and saw this green skirt I was working on, and she bought it from me. My first customer, yay!

Of course then I convinced her to try on a matching corset and mini hat and voila: Hip-torian mom. (that's a cross between hippy and victorian. If you think of a better name let me know)

I'm also working (ack, let's not call it work, work is a dirty word to me now that I hate my day job so much), nay playing with some old shoes I bought at the second hand shop. I decorated one with ribbons and buttons and lace, they look like a pair of doll shoes! I'll post pictures soon.

Jan. 8th, 2010


day off!

I got the day off. Yesterday I expressed my unability to handle the stress of my job any longer to my manager and as a result he suggested I take today off. I'm not complaining.
I'm going to use today to master the software that lets you create photobooks (I've got a master plan for an original CV!).

And when I'm through with that it's back to the sewing machine, oh yes! There's piles and piles of fabric in my junk room (which is now seriously living up to it's name) that I've never used because I had some grand costume in mind for each of them, but of course I never get down to actually making it. I'm guessing I can make about 30 (medium/long!) skirts with all the fabric I've accumulated over the years. And it's lying there, in my junkroom, taking up space. Time for action!

I've also got my heart set on doing something with my balcony this sping and summer.
Something like this!

Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay balconyofdreams.blogspot.com/

Jan. 4th, 2010


sweaters and mixed feelings

 So I dropped by Femke yesterday for some dread maintenance and scored a whole bunch of 2nd hand clothes. Ace! Thomas was putting two sweaters in the bin, so I asked if I could have them instead (pure wool, great for felting!), and as it turned out Femke also had a bunch of stuff she no longer wore and was kind enough to donate them to me!
Still, as if that wasn't enough I am off to the 2nd hand store today for:

-some more woolen sweaters
-containers that can be used for potted plants (I want to get an old teapot to grow lavender in)
-old jeans (for turning into gipsy skirts!)
-old carpets (I want to cover the floor of my entire apartment in carpets! Not only will it be more cosy, it will also dampen the sound so my downstairs neighbours will be less disturbed by my attempts at belting out sea shanties and folk songs at the top of my lungs. For the upstairs and next door neighbours there's nothing I can do I'm afraid...)

Still, I have mixed feelings about going to the 2nd hand store, because I sorta-kinda hate them(I try not to, really). You see they get all the stuff they sell in there for free. It's old junk that people have decided they don't want anymore so they bring it over to the 2nd hand store.
But the good stuff, the really good stuff they take home for themselves! As if this wasn't bad enough, lately they have decided not to take it home right away, but to put them on display for a while (amidst the true junk). So here you are, walking around in the store and seeing something nice, you reach over and take it, put it in your basket and walk over to the register to pay for it. Turns out there isn'y a price tag on it and the cahsier says 'I'm sorry (in a tone that suggests she REALLY isn't), if it has no price tag it means it isn't for sale and I can't sell it to you.'
O-Kaaayyyy.....then why the hell put it on display among all the stuff that IS for sale. Isn't that kind of confusing? And annoying?

So like I said. Mixed feelings. I'm still hoping one day they'll see the error of their ways and make a personal apology to me and everyone else they've annoyed in this way.

That's not at all unrealistic is it?

Jan. 2nd, 2010


new year's challenge

Happy new year!

It's been a while since my last post, but I'm hoping to change that this year. For some time now I've had an idea and today, I guess, is a good a day to start my self-imposed mission/challenge/whatever as any.

The challenge:

To not buy anything new for 6 months. Or, to be more specific: to buy everything secondhand or make it myself. No new stuff. Also, I plan on growing some of my own food(obviously I'm not going to stop buying food entirely: I live in a small apartment and could never produce enough food to live off) and try to buy more from local farmers.

The reason? I want to prove a point. Perhaps to myself most of all. I've noticed that I like shopping entirely to much, like it's built in and I'm programmed to shop. Screw that, I have enough stuff, more than I need actually, so instead of just buying buyin buying I'm going to try making do with the stuff I have. Or, as the dutch would call it:  'consuminderen'.

which means:
-altering clothes I no longer wear into something else (either a new piece of clothing or something else useful)
-trading stuff I no longer need, use or want for stuf I do need, use or want

there is of course one snag: crafting supplies. In order to alter clothes I'm occasionally going to need new thread, yarn, among other things that you just can't easly get secondhand. So I'm going to be making exceptions for some things.

So that's my plan.

Here goes....

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