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sweaters and mixed feelings

 So I dropped by Femke yesterday for some dread maintenance and scored a whole bunch of 2nd hand clothes. Ace! Thomas was putting two sweaters in the bin, so I asked if I could have them instead (pure wool, great for felting!), and as it turned out Femke also had a bunch of stuff she no longer wore and was kind enough to donate them to me!
Still, as if that wasn't enough I am off to the 2nd hand store today for:

-some more woolen sweaters
-containers that can be used for potted plants (I want to get an old teapot to grow lavender in)
-old jeans (for turning into gipsy skirts!)
-old carpets (I want to cover the floor of my entire apartment in carpets! Not only will it be more cosy, it will also dampen the sound so my downstairs neighbours will be less disturbed by my attempts at belting out sea shanties and folk songs at the top of my lungs. For the upstairs and next door neighbours there's nothing I can do I'm afraid...)

Still, I have mixed feelings about going to the 2nd hand store, because I sorta-kinda hate them(I try not to, really). You see they get all the stuff they sell in there for free. It's old junk that people have decided they don't want anymore so they bring it over to the 2nd hand store.
But the good stuff, the really good stuff they take home for themselves! As if this wasn't bad enough, lately they have decided not to take it home right away, but to put them on display for a while (amidst the true junk). So here you are, walking around in the store and seeing something nice, you reach over and take it, put it in your basket and walk over to the register to pay for it. Turns out there isn'y a price tag on it and the cahsier says 'I'm sorry (in a tone that suggests she REALLY isn't), if it has no price tag it means it isn't for sale and I can't sell it to you.'
O-Kaaayyyy.....then why the hell put it on display among all the stuff that IS for sale. Isn't that kind of confusing? And annoying?

So like I said. Mixed feelings. I'm still hoping one day they'll see the error of their ways and make a personal apology to me and everyone else they've annoyed in this way.

That's not at all unrealistic is it?


tempting, but no. Think I'll just bring an empty price stickers, write '€ 0,50' (or something like that) on one of the stickers and stick it on the not for sale item and then take it to the register. OK, that was meant as a joke but now I'm seriously wondering if that wouldn work.